Getting to know GTP

Getting to know GTP

Genuine Ankara from Ghana Textiles Printing Co. Ghana, Africa 

Genuine GTP

GTP, Ghana Textiles Printing Company LTD. is a subsidiary of Vlisco. Vlisco was founded in 1846 by the Dutch through the appropriation of Batik wax-resist dyeing from Indonesia. The Dutch had a difficult time selling their fabric back to the people of Indonesia, so they began selling to places on their trade roots of west and central Africa. They were the main supplier to Africa until the 1960's.  

Ankara fabric is another name for African Wax or Dutch Wax fabric. The fabric is made based on the ancient technique of “wax-resist” dyeing. Most know this as Batik. The style is believed to have originated from Southeast Asia, most likely China, Japan, or Indonesia where it is still popular today. However, Ankara has evolved into a modern production using machines, silk screens and hand-crafted copper rollers to apply the wax. 

GTP began in 1966 as a local business making textiles for indigenous people. This company provides jobs and security for the local population. GTP not only provides locals with a stable economy but they also support country hospitals by providing bed sheets and pillowcases.

Blue and gold stripes

GTP produces hundreds of designs each year. Many of the designs have cultural meaning, however they are now marketing to a younger crowd and have added many modern versions to their lines. NuStyle is a youthful, expressive version of this fabric. Adepa Dumas is a slightly higher quality of traditional and modern motifs.

Many women have been able to make a living or even prosper in their own business by selling the highly sought-after textiles. They are empowered to open shops in the marketplace to support their families and take pride in what they do for a living.

Gold and pink with brown pinwheels

Quality and durability are sought after attributes with Ankara fabrics. Bright vivid colors and wonderful patterns are a sign of their national pride. The fabrics are often used for ceremony or formal occasions such as christening, weddings or funerals. You will see both men and women don the clothing with matching patterns to identify the whole family as a group. 

There are many counterfeit African Wax fabrics that come from China with a lower price point and quality. GTP has a section on their website dedicated to their quality and why you should not encourage the counterfeit companies. Women say they have had Ankara fabric passed down through the generations showing the superior quality over the counterfeit that fade and fray quickly.
Guinea Hens GTP  Stickers GTP fabric   Hourglass GTP   
The stickers on the front of the fabric are an important part of knowing if the cloth is genuine. The stickers are difficult to remove on purpose. We have a video showing how to remove them without tearing the stickers. GTP provides a verification number so you can check online if your fabric is genuine. 

There is so much more I could say about the fabulous fabric from GTP. In future blogs I will discuss the history of African wax prints, the symbolism of colors, and the names of patterns with their meanings. I am proud to offer Genuine Ankara fabric from GTP. Help support a community effort by purchasing Genuine Ankara.

Grocery Bag GTP

Visit our Pattern section to download a Free pattern for a washable grocery bag! 

Happy sewing, Sandra

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